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Handcrafted in Nashville TN.

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What if what I want is sold out?

I'm a slow batch metalsmith and one woman show! If everything in my shop is sold out, that is because I am currently working on my next collection and restocks! You can sign up for my newsletter to be notified when the next collection will be released. You can also check out the "Made To Order" Section to shop some pieces at any time!

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The Luna Hair Fork

Now available Made To Order.

Meet The Maker

Hey there! My name is Chandra Rae and I'm the maker behind Golden Road Crafted and I'm so honored that you are here.

Golden Road Crafted began with the idea to create intentional handcrafted products that inspires good energy.

I honestly had no idea when I started GRC that it would be such an amazing way to connect with all of you or that it would change my life.

I'm humbled that so many of you have connected with my creations and love seeing you wearing them out "in the wild."

I strive to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture your uniqueness with the intention to leave you feeling the same good energy that I did creating it for you.


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